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District Vision & Mission

The Douglas County School System VISION:

Our vision is to build a community of lifelong learners that become responsible individuals, independent thinkers, and productive citizens.


The Douglas County School System MISSION:

The mission of the Douglas County School System is to provide a quality education for all students in a safe, supportive environment.


The Douglas County School System BELIEF STATEMENTS:

We believe that we must...

  • Understand how children and adults learn and continue learning.
  • Build communities of lifelong learners.
  • Cultivate the leadership potential of every employee, student, and parent in our school system.
  • Be creative, energetic visionaries, who respond quickly to diverse and evolving issues.
  • Meet the needs of our stakeholders (students, parents, employees and community).
  • Maintain efficient and effective administrative processes for instruction, operations, human resources and sound fiscal management.